FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Some basic and Peninsula specific FAQs are detailed below.

Please also refer to the FAQs on the main UKFPO website.

Any additional queries should be directed to england.penf1enquiries.sw@nhs.net


  • When does the application process open and close?

    The application process for two year Foundation posts commencing August 2024 opens on 20 September 2023 and closes on 4th October 2023.

  • Will the Peninsula Foundation School be holding interviews as part of the recruitment process to two year Foundation Programmes?

    No, we do not be hold formal interviews as part of the matching process to two year Foundation Programmes. However individual Trusts may wish to interview prior to making a formal job offer.

  • Will Peninsula be honouring linked applications in phase 2 (matching to programme/Trust)?

    The Peninsula Foundation School aims to honour linked applications past phase 1 of the recruitment process i.e. following matching to Foundation School, links will be maintained for matching to individual Trust/post, i.e. your individual total score will be used to determine your match to programme.

  • How do I arrange shadowing before commencing in post?

    A paid period of shadowing takes place each year for F1 trainees prior to commencing in post – please see the following page of our website for more details and for Trust contacts regarding shadowing.

  • Do overseas graduates complete the same application form as UK graduates to apply for two year Foundation posts?

    Yes. Full details of how overseas graduates need to apply are available on the UKFPO website.

  • Does the Peninsula Foundation School welcome applications from outside the Peninsula?

    Yes. We have in the region of 280 two year Foundation programmes commencing each year and welcome graduates from across the UK and overseas.

  • Do local graduates receive priority for posts in the Peninsula?

    No. The National application process is designed to be as fair and open as possible and all applications during scoring and local allocation will be anonymous. All applications will be scored in the same way in line with National guidelines.

  • Does the Foundation School operate a swaps process?

    The School runs a process which allows F1s to swap some or all of the F2 year of their programme For more information please access the Foundation School Swaps Policy.

  • How will applicants be matched to a programme?

    We match applicants via the online application system in phase 1 (matching to School) and phase 2 (matching to Trust/programme). In phase 2 we ask you to rank all programmes in the Peninsula in order of preference and match you to a programme based on your application score.