Regional F2 Teaching Programme

ALL foundation trainees across the UK will be required to accrue a minimum of 60 hours teaching during each 12 months of foundation training. As an F2 in you will now have access to a regional teaching programme and it is not mandatory to attend regular local teaching. 

As a school we are now encouraging the return to face to face teaching where possible and local trust guidance must still be adhered to. All facilitators should be encouraged to provide the option of attending the training online as well as face to face but for some sessions this will not be possible. We have been advised that no Doctor in training should be forced to attend teaching face to face if they are uncomfortable with doing so due to the prevalence of COVID.  In this instance you should discuss with your Educational Supervisor the reasons why you feel unable to attend face to face teaching and alternative ways of attending should be explored.  Whilst in Foundation all doctors will still need to attend 60 hours of teaching of which 30 hours will need to be Core.


How does it work? 

  • The regional teaching programme will be accessed online through MaxCourse :
  • You will need to sign in and set up your account to access and book regional teaching session, see guidance
  • To attend a regional teaching session, you must book study leave giving the required period of notice to the speciality and rota you will be working in at the time. The regional teaching sessions are free and you can claim travel expenses if required.
  • You must attend at least 4 days (24 hours) from the regional teaching programme during your F2 year. You can choose the sessions that best suit your interests and educational needs. There are also some Human factors sessions and you are encouraged to attend one of these if possible.
  • Regional teaching sessions will either be 3, 4 or 6 hours long.
  • We are asking all trainees not to book any more than 36 hours of teaching to ensure all trainees have a fair opportunity to attend sessions.
  • You must not book all your sessions within one 4 month placement – you are asked to spread them across the year. Not all sessions will be available at the start of the year due to the restrictions of covid-19 so please make sure you continue to check Maxcourse for additional sessions. You will not be emailed separately every time a new session is added.
  • If you only go to the minimum 4 regional teaching days (24 hours), you will need to attend a further 6 hours of foundation teaching at your local trust (each trust will have a different way of delivering this from August 2020)
  • Other teaching can now be counted towards the other 30 hours of required teaching (to a minimum total of 60hrs): examples of this include

-          simulation sessions

-          departmental teaching

  • ALS is not included in the total hours
  • Other study leave approved courses will not count as teaching for this purpose 


If you have any questions about the F2 teaching, or how to book onto the regional teaching days then please ask for help early from your trust foundation programme co-ordinator / educational supervisor / foundation programme director. Teaching remains a requirement for successful progression at ARCP and not understanding the process will not be acceptable reason for not evidencing a minimum of 60 hours teaching.