Regional F2 Teaching Programme


UPDATE 17/03/2020

***Due to the current  COVID 19 situation the decision has been taken CANCEL ALL F2 REGIONAL TEACHING IN MARCH APRIL AND MAY 2020. ***


From August 2019 there are significant changes to the teaching requirements of the foundation programme:

  • After consultation with trainee reps the Peninsula Foundation School is moving to a regional teaching programme for all F2s from August 2019. You will no longer attend regular weekly teaching in your base hospital.


  • ALL foundation trainees across the UK will be required to accrue a minimum of 60 hours teaching during each 12 months of foundation training. This replaces the previous requirement where trainees had to attend 70% of the foundation teaching sessions delivered in each base hospital over the year.



  • To attend a regional teaching day, you must book study leave (please refer to  The Study Leave Policy) giving the required period of notice to the speciality and rota you will be working in at the time. The regional teaching days are free. You can claim travel expenses if required.


  • You must attend at least 4 days from the regional teaching programme during your F2 year. You can choose the days that best suit your interests and educational needs. There are 4 Human factors days and you are encouraged to attend one of these if possible.


  • Each regional teaching day counts as 6 hours teaching.


  • If you only go to the minimum 4 regional teaching days, you will need to attend a further 6 hours of foundation teaching at your local trust (each trust will have a different way of delivering this from August 2019). This will make up your 30 hours of core teaching.


  • Other non core teaching can now be counted towards the other 30 hours of required teaching (to a minimum total of 60hrs): examples of this include:-


GP learning sets

Simulation sessions

Departmental teaching


  • ALS is not included in the total hours


  • Other study leave approved courses will not count as teaching for this purpose.


For further guidance please refer to the Study Leave, Teaching and Maxcourse Guidance and Information

Human Factors

Human Factors will in future years be a mandatory course, however, this year due to the availability of the facilitators only 4 courses will be offered on a first come first served basis.  Anyone not able to secure a place this year will not be disadvantaged.  The first Human Factors course is live on MAXCOURSE and will be held on 15th August in Plymouth.