The Foundation Learning Portfolio is based on the Curriculum for the Foundation Years in Postgraduate Education and Training.

The Portfolio is an individual’s record of his/her progress through foundation training and is the basis (for some) and a continuation (for others) of the ability to establish and maintain fitness to practice through reflection, identification of learning needs and continuing professional development.

The Portfolio provides the structure and paperwork (forms, templates etc) to help individuals understand the process of their training and plan their development. It also includes the formal assessments that must be completed together with guidance about other evidence that might be submitted to demonstrate competence.

Trainees and Educational Supervisors can access the e-Portfolio at https://horus.hee.nhs.uk/login

A regular audit to validate submitted assessments is conducted by the Peninsula Foundation School at regular intervals throughout the year.

The TAB window is now open on Horus, however our local guidance is below and should be followed. 

Trainees only have to complete one TAB round and following feedback from last year the 45 day window for the TAB will be from the 20th January 2020 to 4th March 2020. This will have given trainees time to establish a good range of people they can request to complete TAB feedback.

We are aware that some trainees have already started/completed a TAB and this is fine, however if it is felt your TAB has been completed too early another one may be requested. As with all TABs should there be any areas of concern another TAB will need to be completed, this will be after discussion with your Educational Supervisor and if necessary Foundation Programme Director (FPD). There is always the option to ask for an additional TAB at any time during the training year.