General information about how foundation training is organised in the Peninsula Foundation School

Foundation School Information

Allocation process

Special Foundation Programme Recruitment

SFP trainees will be matched to a particular programme based on their overall recruitment score and job preferences. Your overall score will consist of a combination of your Educational Performance Measure (EPM) awarded
by your medical school and your local application score awarded by the South West Unit of Application (UoA). The local application score will be formed from the score awarded for your application and performance at interview.

Once matched to an academic post, a separate matching process will take place to allocate you to a particular F1 programme from those advertised in the job descriptions. This process will maximise first choice preferences and where there are clashes the application score will be used.

General Foundation Recruitment

Once applicants are matched to the Peninsula Foundation School they are asked to rank all available training programmes in order of preference. Applicants are matched to a job, based on score and preference, using the on-line system. There is no interview.

F1s will have the opportunity to apply to swap their allocated F2 programme, however Academic trainees remain in the same trust for both years of foundation training.

Key school personnel

South West Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education is under the direction of Dr Geoff Smith, Postgraduate Dean. The Foundation School is led by Dr Sarah Rawlinson, Head of Foundation School and supported by Suzanne Maddock, Foundation School Manager and Natalie Band as Foundation School Administrator.

Please direct any queries to:

Suzanne Maddock
Foundation School Manager 01752 590626

Natalie Band

Education Programme Co-ordinator (Foundation) 01752 590697


Welcome Event 2024

A Welcome Event will be held prior to applicants having to make their programme choices. All applicants matched to Peninsula Foundation School will be invited to attend the event to be held on a date tbc.

Feedback from previous year’s Welcome Event are all extremely positive. To view the previous reports please click here.

Foundation doctor forums

Each year an election is held to appoint 1 x F1 and 1 x F2 Foundation doctor to the Foundation School Committee. More information will be available in induction packs and on our website

Additionally, there are national forums conducted by the UKFPO to which the Foundation School Committee reps will be invited.

Educational and Clinical supervision

An educational supervisor is allocated to each foundation doctor for each full year of their Foundation Programme to maintain an overview of development and progress of the doctor within the training programme.

A clinical supervisor will be allocated for each placement within the rotation. Trainees will be made aware of these individuals at induction and/or through their e-Portfolio.

Time Out of Foundation Programme (TOFP)

Foundation doctors contemplating requesting TOFP should check the relevant guidance on the Time out of Foundation Page

Applications for time out between F1 and F2 are invited by email in September although, in exceptional circumstances, Time Out at other times may be approved. Time Out is normally for a period of twelve months. Trainees going on maternity leave are also asked to complete a Time Out form in addition to the arrangements made at trust level.

Flexible training (Less than full time)

Trainees wishing to train less than full time should access our policy and contact the Foundation School for advice prior to making an application.

Please note that the application for less than full time working is treated as a separate process to the application for a Foundation Training post.

Study Leave

F1s do not have their own study leave entitlement; however 5 days’ study leave can be taken in F1 for Tasters; if this time is taken in F1 the study leave allowance in F2 will be reduced accordingly. Please note that for academic (Education) F1s, these 5 days will be used to support additional educational activities and will not be available for Tasters. 

The Study Leave Policy for Foundation Trainees can be accessed on the study leave page

Inter Foundation School Transfer (IFST)

Foundation doctors thinking about an IFST should check the relevant guidance for applicants on the UKFPO website and discuss their plans with the Foundation School Manager prior to submitting an application (see contact details above).

The Trust Foundation Training Programme Director must approve and sign the transfer request before it is sent to the Foundation School Manager for approval and signature by the Head of Foundation School based at Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education.

Induction/ Shadowing

All F1 doctors are required to undertake a mandatory paid induction/shadowing week prior to commencing the actual F1 rotation. For 2024, this will commence on the 30th July 2024. It is well recognised that the start of F1 is a significant transition for most doctors. The Shadowing period aims for you to shadow the actual F1 job that you will be doing, receive teaching on relevant topics, familiarise yourself with the department and the hospital, undertake essential elements of trust induction, get to meet the education team and your fellow F1s and generally feel better prepared to start your F1 job than you would otherwise have been.  Please avoid booking holidays etc, from this date.

Start date

F1 2024 is due to commence on Wednesday 7th August 2024  but trainees need to be available to start shadowing/induction on Tuesday 30th July 2024.

Expected outcome

Successful completion of the two year Foundation Programme in the Peninsula Foundation School will lead to the Foundation Year 1 Certificate of Completion (F1CC) at the end of F1 and Foundation Programme Certificate of Completion (FPCC) at the end of F2.

Employment information

Terms and Conditions of employment

The post is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Service of Hospital Medical and Dental Staff as modified from time to time. Your employing trust will provide an employment contract detailing the terms and conditions of your employment in due course. The employing organisation will undertake pre-employment checks and any offer of employment will be subject to these being satisfactorily completed. More information on pre-employment checks can be found on the NHS employers website 

Hours – your duty hours will be between an average of 40 and 56 hours per week (part-time staff pro rata) depending upon the pattern of work offered by the employer, in accordance with paragraph 20 of the Terms and Conditions of Service (TCS). This may include work in the evenings, at night and weekends. The TCS may be viewed on the NHS Employers website.

Pay – you will be paid monthly at the rates set out in the TCS. The pay scales are reviewed annually. Click here to view current rates of pay. On commencement you will be paid a basic salary currently set at £29,384 per annum for F1 (based on April 2021 figure and subject to change) subject to confirmation of any previous service and incremental progression with previous employers.

Annual leave – F1 doctors are entitled to 27 days annual leave in the year (exclusive of 8 statutory holidays). If a foundation doctor works any part of a bank holiday they are entitled to an additional days leave in lieu. In some specialties there is restriction on when foundation doctors can take their leave and individual directorates will inform the doctor of any specific restrictions. More information on leave arrangements will be provided at your Trust induction.

Visa/Work permits/Leave to remain

The Trust will consider British /EEA nationals for appointment in the first instance. If the applicant is a non-resident of the United Kingdom or European Economic Union, they are required to have a valid work visa and leave to remain in the UK, which is renewed as required. The Trust is unable to employ or continue to employ the applicant/post holder if they require but do not have a valid work visa and/or leave to remain in the UK.


Please see our accommodation page for brief Trust accommodation details and contacts.


Relocation guidelines are available on the main deanery website. The aim of these guidelines is to provide assistance to hospital training grade medical and dental staff that are required to move home in order to take up a post on a training programme. However, it is recognised that, as the employers of hospital training grade medical and dental staff, Trusts may choose to incorporate these guidelines as Trust policy as they stand, to adapt the guidelines to suit themselves, or to follow the Trust’s own relocation policy. Therefore practitioners must contact their employing Trust before committing to any expenditure.