Time Out

In line with the Reference Guide (2017) trainees are able to take time out of the Peninsula Foundation Programme, usually between F1 and F2, although in exceptional circumstances time out at other times may be approved. Time out is normally for a period of twelve months.

F1 doctors working within Peninsula Foundation School will be sent an email in September of their F1 year inviting applications for taking time out between F1 and F2. Trainees may wish to do this for a number of reasons, including

  • wanting to travel or work abroad;
  • domestic reasons (for example, childcare commitments);
  • health reasons

Trainees taking time out will retain a place within the School for F2 if they so wish. We also ask trainees going on maternity leave to complete a Time out of Foundation form in addition to the arrangements and discussions taking place at trust level and it is recognised that these applications will be managed throughout the year.

Time Out Policy (reviewed September 2023)

Application Form

Policy Equality Impact Assessment

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