Two Year Recruitment Process

Recruitment to the two year Foundation Programme for August 2021 opens on the 12th October 2020. For all national information (including eligibility) and guidelines on the recruitment process to two year Foundation programmes, please go to the UKFPO website.
Local information on recruitment for August 2021 can be accessed below and will be updated regularly as new information becomes available. (Please also see left hand menu).


Foundation School match 10th March 2022
References collected March - April 2022
Programme match 7th April 2022
Reserve list batch allocations From April 2022
Pre-employment checks From April 2022
Shadowing commences 26th July 2022
F1 Post starts 3rd August 2022


The following information has been designed to provide applicants with some useful general information on how foundation training is organised in the Peninsula Foundation School:

General information on how Foundation training is organised within Peninsula Foundation School 

In addition, we hope that the following Q and As will assist applicants:

Will Peninsula Foundation School be holding an open day?

Yes. 16th March 2022 at University Hospitals Plymouth and via MS Teams.  Previous attendees have found attending our Welcome Event really useful.  To view their feedback and find out more about this open day please read our Welcome Event Evaluation Report on last year's event.

For those allocated to the Peninsula Foundation School please check your emails from 10th March 2022 for further information.

What are the competition ratios for Peninsula Foundation School?

A table showing the number of applicants and vacancies for each UK Foundation School for the last few years is included in the Applicant's Handbook available on the UKFPO website. Please note that these ratios are not an indication of how popular each School will be in future years as competition will vary depending on which schools applicants decide to rank each year.

How many local graduates will be applying for Foundation from Peninsula Medical School this year?
We expect approximately 200 local graduates to apply for Foundation this year and we expect approximately 35 - 65% to wish to remain local (NB no preference for local graduates applies).

Will Peninsula be holding interviews as part of the matching process?
Peninsula Foundation School will not be interviewing as part of the national matching process (this includes anyone matched to the School from the Reserve List). However, following matching to programme, individual Trusts may wish to interview as part of pre-employment checks.

How will applicants be matched to a programme?
We will be matching applicants via the online application system. in phase 1 (matching to School) and phase 2 (matching to Trust/programme). In phase 2 we ask you to rank all programmes in the Peninsula in order of preference and will match you to a programme based on your overall application score. You will need to do this by logging back into your Oriel account.

As a Peninsula trainee you will be matched to a two year fixed foundation programme and will know the trust and programme for F1 and F2, at the point of recruitment.

What is the timeline for phase 2 of the recruitment process for general foundation programmes?
All applicants matched to the Peninsula will be asked to rank all foundation programmes available on Oriel by 31st March 2022. Any applicants that do not select their preferences by this deadline will be randomly allocated to the remaining posts once all other applicants are matched.

How will any reserve list applicants be matched to a programme?
Reserve list applicants will be given a choice of available posts (if a choice exists) and matched according to preference. Where a conflict exists, the Oriel score will be used and in the event of a tie, applicants will be matched randomly.

Will Peninsula be honouring linked applications in phase 2 (matching to programme/Trust)?
The Peninsula Foundation School will honour linked applications past phase 1 of the recruitment process i.e. following matching to Foundation School, links will be maintained for matching to individual Trust/post. Further information will be sent to relevant trainees in due course.

Does Peninsula support trainees who want to complete F2 abroad?
No, the Peninsula does not offer this option.

Appointment to a post is dependant upon the applicant successfully completing medical school (passing finals) and is subject to pre-employment checks.

In accordance with Good Medical Practice, we ask you to act professionally throughout the recruitment process. To access the Peninsula Foundation School Code of Conduct please click on the link below:

Peninsula Foundation School Code of Conduct

The Foundation Team at the Peninsula Foundation School are here to support you. If you have any queries or concerns please contact Trudi Geach , Foundation School Manager on 01752 590656.