How Does It Work? 

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  1. Pre-absence planning meeting: If possible, for planned leave, meet with your supervisor and complete the Pre-Absence Planning Form. This will help with planning support on your return.

  2. Pre-return planning meeting: 6-12 weeks before coming back, meet with your supervisor (virtually or in person) and complete the Pre-Return Planning Form. This is a chance to discuss and get help organising any pre-return activities, as well as making sure your rota co-ordinator is aware of your period of enhanced supervision. Not sure who your supervisor is? Email your SuppoRTT champion.

  3. Pre-return activities: Menu of SuppoRTT activities

  4. Return to work - period of enhanced supervision: this period should last two weeks (or LTFT equivalent - ten working days), but can be extended on discussion with your supervisor. The default is for trainees to work their normal daytime rostered hours for these weeks, without any out-of-hours work. If you choose to work an evening, night or weekend shift during their period of enhanced supervision, your hours should not exceed your standard working hours and you should be working in a shadowing capacity only.

  5. Post-return review meeting: at this meeting with your supervisor, the Post-Return Review Form should be completed. If there are any outstanding issues or more support is required, this can be agreed at this meeting.


A copy of the regional Supported Return to Training Guidance document can be viewed here. The national team have produced a national infographic.


Planning your return checklist


Planning Your Return Checklist