Building a more SuppoRTTive culture

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Building a more SuppoRTTive culture elearning


This session will explore the significance of organisational culture in shaping the experience of trainees returning to work, and in creating an NHS that is safe for the patients it serves, and in which its staff can thrive.

We will highlight the fundamental role of every single person within the healthcare system in building a positive, supportive culture, and offer guidance on the measures that individuals can take to bring about positive cultural change. We are delighted to have worked alongside Professor Michael West (Senior Fellow at the King’s Fund) to bring you this e-learning resource.


Links to all forms

Further information about completing the forms can be found here:

Educational Supervisor Fact Sheet - Pre-absence Meeting

Educational Supervisor Fact Sheet - Pre-Return Meeting

Educational Supervisor Fact Sheet - Post-return Meeting

South West Pre Absence Planning Form

Unplanned Leave Form

Pre Return Planning Form

Post Return Review Form

Variation Reporting for Enhanced Supervision Alterations Form

Return to Training Actviity (RTTA) Day Funding Application Form

SuppoRTT Evaluation Survey / Feedback Questionnaire 




A copy of the regional Supported Return to Training Guidance document can be viewed here