F2 Standalone Programmes 

The recruitment process to F2 Stand-alone posts is a national process and is designed to provide a route of entry to training in the UK for doctors who graduate overseas with full registration, and would otherwise be ineligible to apply for the two-year Foundation Programme at F1 level.

Please see the UKFPO website and their FAQs page for details.

In light of the change in person specification criteria, the Inter-Foundation School Transfer (IFST) process has been liberalised to include additional criterion. This process will also be managed centrally moving forward to ensure accessibility and continuity of process for trainees. F1 doctors who have had a change in personal circumstances since their initial allocation have the option to apply for an IFST. In the first instance, trainees are always encouraged to liaise with their clinical and / or educational supervisor to consider options for adjustments to programmes in line with their personal circumstances. It may be that there are mechanisms of support available within your existing foundation school and / or employing organisation that could assist your situation. Please see the policies and guidance section for further details.