Specialised Foundation Programmes FAQs

Q. Is there a decile 'cut-off' point for SFP interviews?

A. Yes, applicants must have a minimum EPM decile score of 44. We will also use the decile score as one of our measures in the shortlisting process along with other degrees, presentations, publications and prizes etc.

Q. I would like to apply for a Research post and an Education post, can I do this under one SUoA? 

A: No. The South West will have two separate Specialised Units of Application (SUoA), one for our Research posts both in Severn and Peninsula Foundation Schools, and one for our Education and Leadership & Management posts.

Q. I have some additional prizes and publications that I have listed on my application but I can’t find anywhere to upload the documents.

A. We do not require any additional evidence to be uploaded to oriel for your additional degrees, presentations, prizes and publications so there is no facility to do this.

Q. I have only applied for the Leadership & Management posts and I do not want apply for the Education posts in the Peninsula - do I still have to answer the questions under programme interests for both Leadership and Education on the application form?

A. Yes - you should answer all 3 questions, 2 under Education and Teaching and 1 under Leadership. The shortlisting process will consider all questions. If you do not answer the questions, you will disadvantage yourself in the shortlisting process.

Q. I am unavailable on the day of the interviews – can it be arranged for another day?

A. Interview dates cannot be changed, and alternatives cannot be arranged. All panel members have been trained and briefed and it would not be possible to reconvene the panel to carry out individual interviews.

Q. I do not have an internet connection – can I join the interview by telephone?

A. All interviews will be completed by video conferencing – we do not allow any candidates to join via the telephone so please ensure that you can access the online video conference platform before the day of the interview and that you have a good connection. If your connection is so poor the panel cannot hear your answers your interview will be terminated. In exceptional circumstances the panel may offer you another interview slot, but this cannot be guaranteed so it is vital you ensure your internet connection is sufficient.

Q. What will the structure of the interviews be?

A. All shortlisted applicants will be sent details of the structure prior to their interview. This information is not available to all.

Q:I have ranked the programmes but realised that I have made an error can I amend my preferences?

A: A: Yes, you can but please note that the preferencing window for the South West SUoA closes earlier than some other SUoAs. It opens on 7th September and closes at 12noon on 14th October 2022. After this, no amendments to your preferences can be made.

Q: I haven't ranked all the posts in my preferences. If I do not score highly enough to be allocated to one of my preference will I be offered a post that is not on my preference list?

A: No. You will only be offered a post that you have preferenced. You will not be offered a programme that you have not put on your preference list. It is very important to rank all the programmes you would be willing to accept if offered.