South West (Peninsula and Severn) Foundation Schools
Specialised Foundation Programme Person Specification 2024


Applicants must meet the requirements set out in the UK Foundation Programme Eligibility Criteria.


  Eligibility checking

The applicant must have achieved, or expect to achieve, a primary medical qualification as recognised by the General Medical Council (GMC) by the start of the UK Foundation Programme 2023.

Clinical Knowledge & Skills

The applicant must be familiar with and be able to demonstrate an understanding of the major principles of the GMC’s Outcomes for Graduates 2018 including:

  • Knowledge, skills and performance
  • Safety and quality
  • Communication, partnership and teamwork
  • Maintaining trust

The applicant must be familiar with requirements as set out in Promoting excellence: standards for medical education and training (2016) including the relevant core skills.


Application / Pre-employment screening

Clinical assessment (where appropriate)

Language & Communication Skills The applicant must demonstrate skills in listening, reading, writing and speaking in English language that enable effective communication about medical topics with patients and colleagues, as set out in the GMC’s Good Medical Practice (2013)1.  

Application/ Interview

Clinical assessment (where appropriate)


The applicant must demonstrate:

  • an understanding of the importance of the patient as the central focus of care
  • the ability to prioritise tasks and information and take appropriate decisions.
  • an understanding of the importance of working effectively with others.
  • the ability to communicate effectively with both colleagues and patients.
  • initiative and the ability to deal effectively with pressure and/or challenge.
  • commitment to learning and continued professional development.
  • self-awareness and insight into the boundaries of their own abilities.
  • an understanding of the principles of equality and diversity.

Desirable attributes:

  • Educational reasons for applying for this specialised foundation programme
  • Evidence of leadership skills
  • Understands the principles of research

Application / Interview / Pre-employment screening

Clinical assessment (where appropriate)

Educational Achievements  
  • Additional qualifications e.g. BSc, MSc, PhD or equivalent
  • 2:1 or 1st class honours for undergraduate degree
  • Evidence of high academic achievement, e.g. prizes, exam distinctions
  • Peer reviewed publication(s)
  • Elective or SSM report demonstrating understanding and commitment to academic career
  • Presentation of work at a national or international meeting
Application / Interview

The applicant must demonstrate appropriate professional behaviour, i.e. integrity, honesty, confidentiality as set out in the GMC’s Good Medical Practice (2013)1.

By the start of the programme, the applicant must demonstrate criminal record and barring clearance at the appropriate level and complete all other pre-employment requirements according to current government legislation.

  Application / Interview / Pre-employment screening

1 Please note that whenever General Medical Council documents are referenced, it is possible that revised versions will be produced after the UKFPO's information has been published. Therefore, applicants should always refer to the most up-to-date version of these publications.