Foundation School Reservists Leave Policy

In order to standardise the approach to such requests across all trusts within the Peninsula the Foundation School Committee agreed adopt the following policy, the principles of which were agreed by the National Groups of Foundation School Directors January 2020.

This policy reflects the uniqueness of the Foundation Training Programme, which is both competency based AND time based, i.e. that a trainee must complete all the required competencies and 24 months of training.

1. The Peninsula Foundation School fully supports foundation trainees who are reservists and is committed to supporting this activity.

2. Issues relating to BOTH employment and training must be considered.

3. The GMC 20 days statutory leave cannot be used in a planned way to cover reservist training courses.

4. All foundation trainees should make their reservist officers aware that during foundation training they are restricted on the amount of leave they can take without an impact on their training. They should discuss how to achieve a balance that best serves both commitments.

5. If an employing trust agrees unpaid leave, this will be supported by the Foundation School but this will result in an extension to training funded at the trusts’ cost.

6. The FS will consider study leave applications for courses that have competencies relevant to Foundation training. This will require sign off by the Foundation School Director.

7. Foundation trainees may need to use annual leave to facilitate reservist training.

8. Reservists should seek advice early in their foundation training from their Foundation Programme Director in their employing trust about how to balance foundation training requirements and reservist training.

9. Policy will be reviewed a minimum of every 3 years and sooner if further information or guidance becomes available from HEE.


A copy of the Full Policy Document can be found here