GMC registration

Provisional registration

All F1 doctors must be provisionally registered with the GMC and have a licence to practise before they commence shadowing and in post - the date by which F1 trainees commencing on 5th August 2020 should be provisionally registered is 28 July 2020. Applications with Fitness to Practise declarations take longer to assess - so it's important to apply early.

Full registration

All F2 doctors must have Full Registration with the GMC and a licence to practise prior to commencing in post on Wednesday 5th August 2020.

The GMC will write to all F1 trainees to explain the process; trainees within the Peninsula will also receive a letter from us containing instructions on what to do.

Full registration is managed by the medical school you graduated from or by the Foundation School linked to your medical school. All University of Plymouth and University of Exeter students, regardless of current Foundation School, will have their Certificate of Experience (CoE) processed by the Peninsula Foundation School on GMC Connect.

If you did not graduate from a UK Medical School please see the GMC website for a central list of contacts in each area. This will tell you how the process works and the Peninsula Foundation School  will submit the Certificate of Experience document to the GMC via GMC Connect for any of their trainees who did not graduate in the UK.

In order for an authorised person to submit your Certificate of Experience they will need to have been informed by thee Foundation School linked to your medical school that you have had a successful ARCP Outcome.and your Outcome form has been signed off by all parties. This information is passed between the Foundation Schools and their is nothing that you are required to do in regard to this part of the process.

If in doubt, please contact Trudi on 01752 590656 with any questions.