Shortlisting Information

Shortlisting will be carried out for all applicants using Educational Achievements (Additional Degrees, Presentations, Prizes and Publications) and the following White Space Questions depending on programme type:

Research: Career Goals, Achievements/Experience (both questions), Programme Interests, and Research.

Education: Career Goals, Achievements/Experience (both questions), Programme Interests, and Education and Teaching (first question only).

Leadership and Management: Career Goals, Achievements/Experience (both questions), Programme Interests, and Leadership.

The Teamworking and General questions will not be used by the South West but may be used by other Specialised Units of Application, so please check the websites of the other SUoAs you may be applying for, to ensure you answer all required questions.

Interview Information

Interviews will be held virtually via an online video conferencing platform. Health Education England South West does not offer telephone interviews. Two sets of interviews are held, based on programme type. If you are shortlisted for both Research AND Education or Leadership and Management programmes, you will be invited to both interviews.

Interviews will be held on the following dates:

Wednesday 8th December 2021 - Education, and Leadership and Management posts (Peninsula)
Monday 13th December 2021 - Research posts (Severn and Peninsula)

Disability Confident Scheme

Under the Disability Confident Scheme, we guarantee to interview anyone with a disability whose application meets the minimum criteria for the post. By ‘minimum criteria’ we mean that you must provide evidence in your application form which demonstrates that you generally meet the level of competence required, as well as meeting any of the qualifications, skills or experience defined as essential in the South West SFP Person Specification.

We are committed to the employment and career development of disabled people. If you tell us that you are disabled, we can make reasonable adjustments at each stage of the recruitment and selection process and, if you later progress to employment, to where and how you work. If you wish to apply under the scheme, please indicate this in the Disability and special arrangements question in the Personal section of the application form. We will try to provide access, equipment or other practical support to ensure that if you have a disability you can compete on equal terms, regardless of disability.

Preferencing Information

The Programme Preferencing window for the South West SUoA is from 8th September to Monday 22nd November 2021 at 08:00 am (GMT).

This unit of application offers three types of Specialised Foundation Programme across two Foundation Schools, so please ensure you preference only the programmes you are genuinely interested in and have answered the relevant questions for in your application.

For example:

  • If in your application you have answered questions for all types of programme (i.e. Research, Education and Teaching, and Leadership and Management), you should rank all the programmes on Oriel in order of preference.
  • If in your application you have only answered questions for Research, you should rank only the Research programmes and exclude the Education and Leadership and Management programmes.
  • If in your application you have only answered questions for Education and Teaching, you should rank only the Education programmes and exclude the Research, and Leadership and Management programmes.
  • If in your application you have only answered questions for Leadership and Management, you should rank only the Leadership and Management programmes and exclude the Research, and Education programmes.
  • Similarly, you may have answered different combinations of questions depending on the programme types you are interested in, and this will affect your ranking of the programmes
    • Education plus Leadership and Management (exclude Research)
    • Leadership and Management plus Research (exclude Education)
    • Research plus Education (exclude Leadership and Management)

 If you have not answered the appropriate white space questions for a programme, you will not be shortlisted regardless of whether you have ranked the programme.

If you wish to be considered for a programme you must have answered the relevant questions on the application form. Under Programme Interests you are required to tick the programme(s) you are interested in (Research, Education and Teaching, Leadership and Management). For example, if you do not tick the Research box and answer the question on research, you will not be considered for shortlisting, even if you rank the Research programmes. The system will still allow you to rank the programmes regardless of the questions you have answered.