Posted January 30th 2019 (1 year ago)

National Foundation Doctors Presentation Day 2019

Winners of the National Foundation Doctors Presentation Day

Bristol, 11th January 2019

Oral Presentation

  • Winner - "Lost in translation: a pilot of e-learning in teaching medical students to use interpreters"
    (Dr Andre Le Poidevin, Dr Alexander Grant, Dr Sean Mackin, Dr Anna Rathborne Furse - Severn Foundation School)

Poster Presentations

Quality Improvement Group 1 Poster

  • Winner - "Improving our coronary angiography service for inpatients with NSTEACS in NHS Forth Valley"
    (Dr Philip Anderson, Dr A Barton, Dr R McFarlane, J Cappie, C Probert, Dr C Labinjoh - Scotland Foundation School)

Quality Improvement Group 2 Poster

  • Winner - "Reducing out of hours insulin and warfarin prescribing: a quality improvement project"
    (Davyd Greenish, Matthew Shorthose, Thomas Morgan, Theresa Schulz, May Ho, Caitlin McNeill - Severn Foundation School)

Quality Improvement Section 3 Poster

  • Winner - "How well are doctors documenting digital rectal examinations? A quality improvement project"
    (Adam Mounce, Ahsan Naqvi, Danielle Beaver - Wales Foundation School)

Quality Improvement Group 4 Poster

  • Winner - "Improving Cannulation Out-of-Hours Through a Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Cannulation Training"
    (Alexandra Phillips, Marilia Gougoulaki, Giovanna Cowley - North Central Thames)

Case Report Group 1 Poster

  • Winner - "A novel computed tomography guided, trans-cutaneous approach to treat refractory autophony in patients with a patulous Eustachian tube - a case series"
    (Anna Leiss, Bidemi Alli, Rishi Shukla, John-Luke Cook, Angus Waddell - Severn Foundation School)

Case Report Group 2 Poster

  • Winner - "Paraneoplastic pemphigus in a patient with Castleman’s Disease"
    (Leah Gray - Severn Foundation School)

Education Poster

  • Winner - "Common Medical Emergencies teaching for the multi-disciplinary team"
    (Tak Wai Chan, Dr Borys Borvin - Wessex Foundation School)

Research/Original Work Poster

  • Winner - "Molecular monitoring of adenovirus reactivation in faeces after haematopoietic stem-cell transplantation to predict systemic infection: a retrospective cohort study."
    (Ryan Malcolm Hum, David Deambrosis, Su Han Lum, Emma Davies, Denise Bonney, Malcolm Guiver, Andrew Turner, Robert Francis Wynn, Prashant Hiwarkar - North West of England)

Sustainability Poster

  • Winner - "The Rationing of Hernia Repairs: unfair, unsafe, and expensive."
    (William Gewanter, Mr Tom Hubbard, Mr Douglas Ferguson - Peninsula Foundation School)