Minutes of the Foundation School Committee at the RILD Building, Exeter

Wednesday 7th March 2018, 10.00am – 1pm.
Sarah Rawlinson (Health Education England), Trudi Geach (HEE), Suzanne Maddock (HEE), Richard Sloman (HEE),  Angela Cottrell (RDE), Charlotte King (SDHT), Alex Parr (F1 Rep), Kirsty Ellmers (SDHT), Linda Willimott (PHT), Katja Adie (RCHT), Nicki Salisbury (Medical School Representative Exeter), William Gewanter (F1 rep)
1. Apologies: Hisham Khalil (PCMD), Trudy Eddy (RCHT), Tamsin Sleep (SDHT), Angela French (Lay Rep), Tom Lewis (NDHT), David Richardson ( Nina Bossa (RDE), Paul Thomas (Head of School of Primary Care), Giles Richards (Head of School of Psychiatry), Tom Lewis (NDHT), Caroline Rawlings (NDHT), Elizabeth Ginn (SDHT), Steve Boumphrey (PHT), Tom Stovin (F2 Rep), Steve Tran (F2 rep), Gavin Lloyd (RDE)
2. Meeting notes from Thursday 14th December 2017 were agreed.
I: Matters arising from the previous meeting were discussed:
I:  Induction Packs for Trainees.
Work schedules unable to be uploaded. Agreed these will be kept centrally.
I: Establishing Teaching course
AP distributed surveys on quality of teaching. Feedback mostly good/excellent. 
Cancelling teaching major problem, no incentive for teachers.
A: NS to provide the costs of providing half day teaching courses and look into the feasibility of providing them and update the committee at the next meeting.
A: ST to report back on Postgrad course for trainees to teach med students.
A: TG to speak to MS about Severn regional teaching and report back.
3. Recruitment
Foundation places allocated/welcome email sent out on March 8th.
All academic slots filled.
400 interviews to take place for 2018/19 standalone places.
Problems on details of job descriptions. Many don’t exist.
A.  Trusts to collate these. Timescale 6 months.
A. SR to distribute job description template. 
A. TG to make North Devon aware of timescale on job descriptions.
4. Trainee Representative Matters
I: AP: Ward based teaching 
Doesn’t happen, consultants don’t have time to teach/sign off.
Encouraging exceptional reporting if teaching cancelled.
Teaching hospitals means teaching should be supported.
Can’t sign off ARCPs if exceptional reporting not completed.
I: WG: Reflections
Problems with reflections - being used in formal proceedings. 
SR advised verbal reflections with educational supervisor and recording only that it has taken place in the portfolio.
5. Psychiatry
Optimistic to say all consultant posts will be filled.
Government recommendation downgraded from 75% to 50% of all trainees to do psychiatry posts. 
15-50% actually experience psychiatry posts. Recent FSD meeting agreed not feasible to meet 50-75% target. Must be Quality improvement of current posts before expanding. Psychiatry trainees may require extra support. 
6. Quality Panels reports and surveys
All Quality Panels back and sent to quality team. TG thanked trusts for their support. End of post 2 survey introduced. Bulletin not consistently read. May be layout issue.
A: Put last GMC survey report on bulletin.
A: AP/LW to send SM other bulletins to examine content/presentation.
7. ARCPs and paperwork
We now have dates of ARCPs. 
A: Checklist can be used to complete ARCP, but a centralized checklist copy will not be required. SR to send out to TPDs explaining only HORUS needed for ARCPs.
8. Welcome Event
Brochure to be printed. Draft agenda sent out. No official social event this year. Large attendance from trusts expected.
Placement Supervision Group (PSG) a formal way to record feedback. This needs to be promoted.
A: Tried to access PSG, is it currently available? Make sure North Devon and Truro know if it is available.
10. Terms of Reference
Not enough TPDs in attendance to discuss. It was noted that Peninsula Medical School no longer exists and should not be included.
11. Foundation School Directors Meeting Update
Review of Foundation meeting on March 29th. Unsure of its purpose.
A: SR attending and will feed back at next FSC meeting or earlier
Talk of moving registration to end of medical school and one exam for all Foundation applicants: MLE – Medical License Exam. Transfer of Information (TOI) an issue. Should there be different system for flagged students with conduct/mental health issues? Students encouraged to be honest in TOI forms. National work on going with this.
Only 20% of Foundation trainees came from local medical schools last year. Need to increase cooperation between Plymouth and Exeter schools to improve local recruitment.
12. AOB
Buddying scheme set up in Exeter. Rolled out in Cornwall. Currently year 5s, may be expanded. 
Swaps completed. 24/35 swapped.
TG distributed F2 posts going into standalone in April.
Need to sit down and discuss rebadging of some posts as their description is affecting the swaps process, esp in Torbay. 
Return to Training Champion funding approved for each trust. Adverts to go out through DMEs. 
Discussed issues regarding expansion of GP placements. Medical schools pushed to increase primary care placements. All medical schools Foundation and Specialty Training need to address this.
Tim Hookway has replaced Sarah Rawlinson as Plymouth F2 Foundation Programme Director.
The meeting concluded.