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Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education  

Minutes of the Foundation School Committee at Plumer House, Tailyour Road, Plymouth, PL6 5DH, Tuesday 10th December 2019, 9:00 or 10.00 – 13.00.  




Sarah Rawlinson (Health Education England), Trudi Geach (HEE), Natalie Band (HEE), Angela Cottrell (RDE via Skype), Neil Walker (RDE via Skype), Jamie Dunn (TSDFT), Kirsty Elmers (TSDFT), Fionn Bellis (NDHT), Alok Bahl (F2 rep), Kerry Dungay (UPHT), Tim Hookway (UPHT), Kate Talmage (UPHT), Kathryn Eccleston (RCHT), Tom Smith-Walker (RCHT), Marie Jasim (F1 rep), Jan Morgan (TSDFT), Matthew Arnaouti (F2 rep), Bill Wylie (Lay Rep) 


Trainee Support  

Discussion was held on trainees in all trusts who are requiring additional support.  This part of the meeting involved the Foundation School representatives FPDs and Lay Rep only. 


1. Apologies: 

Steven Burr (Medical School Representative Plymouth), Mandy Turner (TSDFT), Caroline Rawlings (NDHT), Philip Riley (TSDFT) 


2. Meeting notes from September Foundation School Committee Meeting were agreed.                        

Matters arising from the previous meeting were discussed:  

FPD in Torbay 

I: SR thanked KE for stepping into the role of FPD in Torbay. The trust has appointed Philip Riley to the post, and he started in his new role on the 4th December. 

New FPD in Plymouth 

I: Daranee Boon has been appointed to FPD for F1s in Plymouth. Daranee will start in post in the new year. 

Job Descriptions 

I: FB reported that 50% of job descriptions for NDHT were completed. UPHT confirmed they had asked trainees to complete the template to show as an accurate version on the job.  

JM asked who was responsible for the Academic job descriptions – it was suggested that current trainees become involved in writing them. 

PSA Workshop 

I: This workshop will remain in January – before the second sitting of the assessment. 


I: An outstanding action for Giles Richards has been removed as he has now stepped down from the Head of School role. Simon Bonell is the new Head of School of Psychiatry. 

Medical School Update 

I: No Medical School Reps were present at the meeting. 

A: SR asked if any committee members had any links to the medical school whether they could contact them and ask for help in a member of the medical schools engaging with the FSC. 

A: Carried over: Medical Schools to provide an update at the next meeting about the FSC’s request for a process to oversee information provided by the student on TOIs before it is signed off by the medical school. 

I: TOI form has been renamed and will be called STEP – Supporting Trainees Entering Practice. It will be an electronic form which is currently being piloted.  

Trainees teaching medical students 

I: MA confirmed he had tried to contact Andrew Kelly to discuss the possibility of F1s being involved with teaching medical students. In Exeter Foundation Doctors have been involved with teaching medical students and a process is in place where the trainees do this in their own time.  

A: NW to send TG details and contacts of the process used and TG will forward it on to all other trusts. 

A: Each trust is asked to look at implementing a similar process, so all trainees have the same opportunities. 

Study Leave 

A: NB to send the study leave forms that F1 and F2s are required to complete and upload to the Horus e-portfolio. 

I: SR informed the committee that there are plans to have a national study leave policy to ensure consistency across the country.  

I: MEMs discussed the possibility of having a generic study leave from. Each department in different trusts have separate forms which require different information so the decision was made that it would not be manageable to have one generic form. 

A: TG to add ALS to the ARCP checklist for F1s. 

ARCP 2020 

A: TG to send out the ARCP checklist and timetable before Christmas. 

A: Each trust is asked to look at booking in their ARCP dates and to inform TG once set.  

3. Regional Teaching 

I: There are still trainees who have not booked on to the required number of courses on Maxcourse. 7 trainees haven’t booked any, 5 trainees have booked 1 course, 14 have booked 2 courses and 17 have booked 3 courses. There is a shortfall of courses due to other trainees booking more than 6 courses. 

A: NB to contact trainees who have booked more than 6 courses. 

I: The Royal College of GPs are funding an extra GP teaching day in March 2020 which will be available to all trainees and will increase the capacity for those trainees who have not yet booked. 

A: Foundation School will enter details on to Maxcourse for trainees to book on to the new GP course. 

I: Trainees are required to complete a minimum of 60 hours teaching across the year of which a minimum of 30 hours must be core teaching from the foundation specific programme (local and regional).  

A: All trusts asked to contact trainees who have not booked onto enough courses to find out why they have not yet booked. This should be via email clearly explaining the requirements and that trainees will not progress at ARCP if they have not completed the teaching requirements. 

A: SR to look at whether an additional form needs completing for entries recorded on the mandatory log. 

I: Some trusts reported that they are still running weekly teaching which is not being well attended. The trainee reps reported that the regional teaching days have been really well received and trainees feel that it has been much easier to attend than the previous teaching programme. 

I: GP learning sets are counted as core teaching. The FS have been made aware of some trainees not attending these sessions. In some cases, this is a probity issue where trainees have been released by the practice and not attended. The only reason not to attend these sessions is annual or sick leave. 

I: Each trust was given a list of all trainees in their trust and the amount of teaching they had recorded on Horus using the mandatory teaching log. After the first post of the year each trainee should have at least 20 hours recorded as a minimum. MA reported that he doesn’t have this on his portfolio as he has found it difficult to leave the ward on ED but has booked teaching for the next 2 posts. 

A: Trusts are asked to contact all those trainees who have not completed 20 hours on Horus and ask them what their plan is to make this up. Trainees need to be reminded that they must record their teaching as they complete it. 

A: Every trust is asked to make a list of Core teaching in their trust to be used at ARCP. 

A: NB to run the audits again on Maxcourse and Horus in February 2020 and send the results to the trusts to action.  

4. Foundation Review 

Self-development time 
I: Each Foundation Doctor will be given time during their working week for professional self-development time. F1s will get one hour per week and F2s will get 3 hours per week. This time will help trainees to complete the necessary requirements of their portfolio in protected time slots. This is already written into the Junior Doctors contract so all trusts will need to comply with this. This time will need to be rostered into the trainees work schedules. 
D: A pilot will be held in Cornwall and Plymouth from April 2020 before being fully implemented in August 2020 for all trainees. 
A: All trusts are asked to start to think how they will be able to make this work and have been advised to involve trainees in these discussions. 
A: UPHT and RCHT must send their plans to SR by February. 
I: SR will share further guidance received from other schools and national meetings. 
Educational Supervisor Meetings 
I: From August 2020 all F1s will be expected to have 10 ES meetings recorded on Horus. The nature of these meetings has yet to be confirmed but it does not necessarily need to be face to face and can be conducted via the telephone or skype but a form will need to be completed on Horus. HEE give 0.25 PAs per week per trainee which is felt to be more than adequate to fulfil this role. 
I: SR informed the committee that this will become part of the contract that the trusts hold with HEE and if the supervision is not provided as needed then the trainees will be removed from the trust. If supervisors do not have the time to provide the required number of meetings for the trainees then they will be breaching the contract with HEE. 
I: SR has been asked to pilot a Peer Group Supervision form for supervisors who supervise more than one trainee. The trusts thought it was a good idea and SR will send more details through as they are received. 
Doctors Charter 
I: Draft document attached to the minutes. 
A: Trusts asked to email SR with any comments. 
Priority Programmes 
I: NDHT are creating priority programmes which will contain 3 years instead of 2. 
I: The aim of the programmes is to attract students who would like to be in the area. There is no funding for these programmes. 
A: Trusts are asked to let SR if they would like to create any priority programmes. 

5. Study Leave – remove from agenda, nothing to discuss. 

6. Horus 

I: Concerns on Horus must be resolved on the system. If a trainee has a concern someone in the trust should be going into the concern and making some notes and resolving it. 
I: There are still some outstanding Initial Meeting/ Induction meetings for the trainees first post on Horus. These meeting may have taken place, but the form must be completed on Horus to count as evidence at ARCP. 
A: NB to send a list to all trusts whose trainees are still outstanding these forms. 

7. Trainee Rep Matters 
I: ATSP Teaching programme – This is a course that is presented by F2s to F1s during their first week in post about the reality of being a doctor and some hints and tips about the F1 role. The Peninsula would need a regional committee that would be trained by a national team and would then be able to present to the new trainees. The F2s would the pass their knowledge on to some F1s so that the following year they could do the presentation 
A: MJ to send SR some further information to consider. 
I: F1 trust grade trainee doesn’t have supervisors despite being in post a while. This is a trust issue that needs to be taken back. These doctors have been appointed by the trust to fill gaps. They can still have access to the portfolio to complete assessments. 

8. Welcome Event 
I: The 2020 Welcome Event will be held on Monday 23rd March at the Postgraduate Centre, Derriford Hospital 
A: Any changes to the brochure must be sent to NB by Monday 16th December. 
I: Each trust can bring a maximum of 5 attendees and must inform the school of their names by 3rd February. 
I: Presentations for the event must be completed and sent in by 4th March. 
I: Trainee reps cannot claim study leave to attend. 

9. FSD Update  
Less than full time working 
I: We are working towards a standard approach to LTFTW approach across the UK. As a school we will now be conducting interviews for all those applying for LTFTW to understand their circumstances and their expectations of the role and will try to ensure the programme works for the trainee and school. This may have an impact on funding of these trainees – if supernumerary funded, the trust pays for any out of hours element.  
I: LTFT will still get the self-development time from August 2020 but this will be pro-rata so if a trainee is working at 60% they will get 60% of the hours a week. 
Psychiatry Fellowship posts 
I: These posts are part of the national recruitment. In the Peninsula there are 3 posts, one in UPHT, one in RDE and one in RCHT. The Royal College of Psychiatrists will be responsible for allocating supervisors for the appointed trainees. 
A: TG to send NW further information on these posts. 

10. AOB 
PSG – Placement supervision group 
I: All trainees should have a PSG at the end of each placement. SR has asked all trusts to aim for at least 50%. 
A: NB to send all trusts guidance on PSGs to forward on to all supervisors. 
A: SR to establish whether PAs can be part of the PSG. 
PSA workshops 
I: AB asked if the school could run more than one PSA workshop a year. The first assessment is in September and it would not be practical to do the workshop in August. The last one is during the ARCP season so would also be difficult to manage.  
A: TG to resend the survey sent to all trainees that attended the PSA in the last 2 years. 
SJT Volunteers 
I: Anyone who has registered to take part in the SJT trial will need to register for a slot to take the assessment. 

Next meetings 
Wednesday 4th March 2020 – RILD Exeter 
Wednesday 13th May 2020 – Plumer House Plymouth