Foundation Representatives to the Peninsula Foundation School Committee 2019/20

The Foundation trainee representatives for 2019/20 are listed below:

F1 Marie Jasim
F1 Andrei Brunchi

F2 Matthew Arnouti
F2 Alok Bahl

Information about the role of Trainee Representative.

Term of office:

1.  Elected Foundation Trainees will serve on the Foundation School Committee for a period of 12 months.

2.  Two months’ notice will be required to stand down as a member of the Committee.

Roles & Responsibilities:

1.  To attend Foundation School Committee meetings and disseminate relevant information to foundation trainees in the Peninsula.

2.  To participate in other educational meetings as they arise.

3.  To consult with and represent the interests of fellow foundation trainees in the Peninsula.

The two successful F1 candidates for 2019/20 statements are below: 

Marie Jasim F1 in Torbay

I am standing as a representative for the Foundation School following a prolonged interest in medical education and a passionate belief that trainee experiences can be improved through appropriate professional representation.

I am currently training in Torbay and have been delighted to find the postgraduate team to be supportive, approachable and informed. Peninsula has many strengths that should be shared a national level, and we must also reflect on the changing trainee experience and address challenges as they arise.

I have extensive management experience in relation to education. I have owned a 5-start rated tutoring business for 7 years, and have also been the manager of several children's homes rated Ofsted 'Outstanding' prior to medical school. you will find me to be proactive, diligent and professionally assertive. I am aware of both the importance for organisations to meet requirements, as well as the gap that can exist between statistical achievements and the real lived experiences of trainees. No issue should be too small to raise as these are often the most impactful on the trainee experience.

As a foundation representative of the Torbay JDRC and a BMA LTFT representative for Peninsula. I feel that I am in a position to see the bigger picture and to advocate effectively for my peers - both traditional and non-tradition entrees. I am happy to stand for the full 2 years, allowing continuity to this essential role and enhancing training at Peninsula.


Andrei Brunchi F1 in Barnstaple

I've had a long journey before starting my F1 post in NDDH. In my previous role, I have managed a team of 25 people ensuring a healthy work environment and overall high satisfaction of employees.

I also have experience of working as a healthcare assistant in the NHS and as a nurse in a different medical system. Such experience has massively helped me get a broad insight of how medical systems work. Moreover, being able to see how the system operates has given me the understanding of what kind of improvements could be implemented within it, including issues that juniors face, starting with basic care and finishing with complex decision making.

I have a comprehensive idea of how to pull out the best practices out of two entirely different medical systems and try to implement them here to achieve a stress-free work doctor, especially when coming straight from the university.

Representatives give us a voice. I would like the opportunity to become a trainee representative, in order to bring positive change to our training. There is a great opportunity even change the basic work structure on the wards. I would love the opportunity to lead this from a trainee perspective, and really develop the provision of training.

I believe I have the determination, endurance and enthusiasm needed to represent the interests and ideas of my fellow trainees. Together we can improve the overall experience of all junior doctors across the Peninsula.