Foundation Representatives to the Peninsula Foundation School Committee 2021/2022 

Information about the role of Trainee Representative.

Term of office:

1.  Elected Foundation Trainees will serve on the Foundation School Committee for a period of 12 months.

2.  Two months’ notice will be required to stand down as a member of the Committee.

Roles & Responsibilities:

1.  To attend Foundation School Committee meetings and disseminate relevant information to foundation trainees in the Peninsula.

2.  To participate in other educational meetings as they arise.

3.  To consult with and represent the interests of fellow foundation trainees in the Peninsula.

Foundation year 1 trainee representatives

The F1 trainee representatives for 2021/22 are Sameer Nagi and Summer Popplestone.

Sameer Nagi F1

Representing my fellow trainees’ views and contributing to improving education and training programs for current and future foundation doctors is something that I am immensely passionate about. As your Peninsula foundation year one trainee representative I plan on obtaining regular feedback from my peers through online surveys, opinion polls, forums and in person discussions to acquire a holistic perspective of what is important to our current trainees. Liaising closely with the foundation director and education bodies I hope to demonstrate these interests in a structure manner and communicate all outcomes to my fellow trainees, to then seek their feedback on all outcomes.

Having been a regional ASIT ambassador I have played a similar role of creating a sustainable framework of collating opinions, representing them to a national lead and disseminating that information to relevant bodies. This opportunity gave me an insight into the level of organisation, foresight and leadership needed to succeed at such a role. Furthermore, having aided in establishing medical teaching programs at university and for TRIPS I have broadened my understanding of what a successful training program may entail and what interests trainees may have.

I appreciate this role requires great commitment, but I feel my experience coupled with my enthusiasm will help me to successfully represent my fellow trainees.

Summer Popplestone F1

I am applying for the role of Foundation Trainee Representative because I am passionate about voicing the opinions of trainees and creating positive change, both locally and within the wider UKFPO curriculum.

Our day to day work lives impact not only our professional progress, but our health and wellbeing too. It is of utmost importance that we are able to highlight issues and potential areas for improvement in a timely manner, and in a meaningful way. Raising problems, regardless of how minor they may seem, can lead to change which improves working conditions for all trainees. Furthermore, fulfilling training experiences are essential, and presenting ideas from the foundation trainee body to the PPGME can create novel opportunities for skills and career development.

As a trainee representative, I would take a proactive approach to identifying issues facing foundation doctors in all care settings. I would seek to understand the practical impact of these issues in order to take specific action to address them. I would also listen to the training needs of foundation doctors, and work with the PPGME to develop new or existing local initiatives to target these needs.

The feedback process should be dynamic and adaptable. Communication of proposed changes and re-evaluation of their effectiveness is absolutely necessary for successful progress. I would create reports on PPGME meetings and disseminate them to trainees, but would also actively seek to discuss key points with a range of foundation trainees to create a balanced outlook and facilitate further improvements.

Foundation year 2 representatives 

The F2 trainee representatives for 2021/22 are Jacqueline Easter and Yachna Mehta. 

Jacqueline Easter F2

I am passionate about the welfare of foundation doctors and would love the chance to represent my colleagues and advocate on their behalf as a Foundation Trainee Representative. During FY1, I helped collate feedback from peers on their experiences on different rotations and was a spokesperson at our PGMC’s annual quality panel. I had the opportunity to raise issues to senior members of staff, discuss how we could improve training standards and support for junior doctors at Derriford, and ensure my colleagues' opinions were heard. This experience gave me a better understanding of training organisation, and how to escalate feedback appropriately in order to enact positive change.

On starting FY2, I was elected Secretary of our Doctor’s Mess, and have recently joined the Junior Doctors Representative Committee as Mess Representative. Earlier this year I became a curriculum representative and joined discussions regarding the new foundation training curriculum and how we can best support trainees with these changes. I believe being in these roles makes me an accessible point of contact for junior doctors, and hopefully an approachable interface between the foundation body and more senior staff. These positions also allow easier canvassing of opinions from and dissemination of information to colleagues.

I believe I would be a valuable addition to the committee as I am enthusiastic and well organised. I would work hard to amplify the voices of my fellow trainees and be proactive in seeking ways to address the issues raised in order to improve training for foundation doctors.

Yachna Mehta F2

I would like to be a representative for the F2 trainee cohort and support my colleagues through implementing changes to our program to support better training and learning.

After completing the first year of my foundation training, I value the importance of trainees expressing their views, in order to create a more successful training experience throughout the beginning of our professional careers. I can appreciate the pressures on foundation trainees to keep up-to-date with key information. For this, I hope to take a proactive approach to ensure relevant updates from the UKFPO program are disseminated amongst trainees in an organised and timely manner, for us to achieve the most out of the program.

During my previous degree, my role of being a representative for student council allowed me to create a more transparent and accessible platform of communication. I was able to liaise between the faculty and the students successfully and form good trusting relationships amongst my peers, and importantly address their concerns with the university board. I hope to take what I have learnt from this experience and continue being collaborative and approachable to my colleagues, by advocating for them and encouraging them to become involved in the decision-making process. I also have interest in medical education and teaching and am keen to learn more about the foundation program structure.

I am committed to striving for an improved and more inclusive training experience, through promoting a program that is tailored to the requirements of our trainees.