Recruitment to two year Foundation Programmes August 2014: Stage 1

Outcome for Peninsula Medical School (PMS) Students

206 PMS students were eligible to apply for the two year foundation programme. 6 students secured an academic foundation post, 2 went on to MOD training in a different region and 3 students did not apply. Of the 195 students who applied 44 (22.6%) put the Peninsula Foundation School as their first choice compared with a national mean of 44.6% choosing their home foundation school first.

52 PMS students have a place in the Peninsula Foundation school, of which 18 (35%) put another school as their first choice but have been allocated a place in the Peninsula. 10 PMS students put the Peninsula as their first choice but did not secure a place. In this first stage of recruitment there are 15 PMS students on the national reserve list.

Chart 1: Foundation School destinations of PMS Students on the primary list

Chart 1 PMS allocations report

 Nationally 92% of applicants on the primary list got one of their top 5 foundation schools. 84% (156) of PMS students got a top five choice and 46% (86) have secured their first choice. The worst outcome for a PMS student on the primary list was 20th choice

Table 1: Comparison of PMS student allocations since 2009 (primary list)

.2009 entry2010 entry2011 entry2012 entry2013 entry2014 entry
% of PMS students in Peninsula Foundation School 66% 55% 43% 44% 39% 26%


Composition of the Peninsula Foundation School (at stage 1)

Chart 2 PMS allocations report


Table 2: Comparison of the composition of the Peninsula Foundation School since 2009

.2009 entry2010 entry2011 entry2012 entry2013 entry2014 entry
Applicants from PMS 48% 37% 38% 33% 34% 27%

Applicants from other UK medical schools 51% 61% 61% 64% 65% 71%
Applicants from schools outside the UK 1% 2% 1% 3% 1% 2%