F2 GP Supervisors Development Day Cornwall 2017 – Evaluation Report


The GP development day is an annual half day event hosted by the Peninsula Foundation School for F2 supervisors in General Practice, and delivered in two venues. The Cornwall session was held at the Knowledge Spa, Truro and delivered by Georgia Jones, Head of Peninsula Foundation School and Michael Waldron, GP Associate Dean. The aims of the event were to enable GP supervisors to share experiences, build on their knowledge and skills as educationalists and receive feedback and an update from the Foundation school. 14 GP F2 supervisors from across the Peninsula attended the event.


There was no formal agenda for the day but the session followed the programme below:

  • Hot topics (Supervisor discussions)
  • Case based discussions (video)
  • E-portfolio

Evaluation from supervisors

After the event, supervisors were asked to complete an evaluation form, 9 (64%) completed forms were returned.  Attendees were asked 5 questions and their responses indicated that, as a result of the event:


100% said they have identified the successes of and challenges to supervision for foundation year doctors.

100% have developed their ideas on the best practice of supervision, based on the experience of the group.

100% have identified and developed their competence in one area of supervision.

88% have identified areas for further development.

100% are aware of the current developments affecting the foundation years programme

The supervisors were asked to rate particular aspects of the event as “poor”, “average”, “very good” or “excellent”.

Course content was rated as excellent by 38%, and very good by 62%.

Course style was rated as excellent by 62% and very good by 38%.

Course venue was rated as excellent by 25% and very good by 62% and average by 13%.

The supervisors were asked ‘What did you find most beneficial to you?’ and their comments are shown below:

  • Discussions and Q&A
  • Meeting up with other F2 supervisors
  • Watching the video with feedback sessions
  • Sharing ideas
  • Group discussion
  • Key updates
  • General discussion with fellow supervisors
  • General chat
  • Watching and feedback on videos


The supervisors were asked to comment on how the day could be improved:

  • Consider centralising to Plymouth

Additional comments 

  • Could you arrange a third meeting in Plymouth?
  • Watching and then discussing the videos was very helpful
  • Nice to be updated and shown the use of the new portfolio

Summary and recommendations

The 14 GP Supervisors who attended the development event and completed the evaluation form rated the course content and style as very good or excellent. All of the supervisors developed their ideas on the best practice of supervision based on the group and identified the successes of and challenges to supervision for foundation year doctors.

The evaluation confirms that the supervisors value the opportunity to meet each other, share their experiences, be updated and develop ideas.

The Foundation School will consider the following ideas when planning for future events: 

•         Look at an alternative venue.

The evaluation indicates that this event was an effective way to meet the objectives of the Foundation School and to support the supervisors who are working with F2 doctors in General Practice. It also confirms there is a demand for similar development events in the future.



Natalie Band

Foundation School Administrator

August 2017