F2 GP Supervisors Development Day Exeter 26th February 2020 – Evaluation Report 


The GP development day is an annual half day event hosted by the Peninsula Foundation School for F2 supervisors in General Practice and delivered in two venues. In 2019 all F2 GP Supervisors were asked if they found the sessions beneficial and what time of the year they would prefer them. The update sessions were not run in 2019 due to the most preferred date being after the consultation. The Exeter session was held at The Devon Hotel and delivered by Sarah Rawlinson, Head of Peninsula Foundation School and David Hopes, Associate Postgraduate GP Dean. The aims of the event were to enable GP supervisors to share experiences, build on their knowledge and skills as educationalists and receive feedback and an update from the Foundation school. 21 GP F2 supervisors from across the Peninsula attended the event. 


  • Update on foundation issues  

  • Informal networking and discussion  

  • Trainees in difficulty – an approach for the F2 in general practice  

  • Lunch with informal networking and discussion   

Evaluation from supervisors  

After the event, supervisors were asked to complete an evaluation form, 20 (95%) completed forms were returned.  Attendees were asked 5 questions and their responses indicated that, as a result of the event:  

95% said they have identified the successes of and challenges to supervision for foundation year doctors. 

95% have developed their ideas on the best practice of supervision, based on the experience of the group. 

85% have identified and developed their competence in one area of supervision. 

90% have identified areas for further development. (1 delegate did not answer this question) 

100% are aware of the current developments affecting the foundation years programme (1 delegate did not answer this question) 


The supervisors were asked to rate particular aspects of the event as “poor”, “average”, “very good” or “excellent”. 


Course content was rated as excellent by 35%, and very good by 55%.  

Course style was rated as excellent by 40% and very good by 55%. 

Course venue was rated as excellent by 50%, very good by 50%.  



The supervisors were asked ‘What did you find most beneficial to you?’ and their comments are shown below:  

  • Having a structure to help address problem trainees 

  • Clarifying the travel time 

  • Explanation of the scoring system for medical students 

  • Information on escalation of concerns 

  • Normalising and benchmarking with colleagues 

  • Networking and sharing ideas with other supervisors 

  • Discussing how to deal with trainees in difficulty 

  • Talking about plans for trainees in difficulty 

  • Discussing trainees in difficulty and networking and sharing experiences 

  • The update on training/learning requirements.  Discussions about supporting trainees 

  • Talking about our trainees in difficulty 

  • Communication face to face with other GP F2 supervisors and discussion with SR and SM 

  • Group discussion, good location 

  • Knowledge of F2 supports through deanery, e.g. counselling/coaching 

  • Resources available in Foundation school for supporting trainees like PSU 

  • Difficulty trainee talk 

  • Discussing cases 

  • Useful to share experiences of F2 trainees 

  • General discussion/first session re updates 

  • Having opportunity to share experiences with other supervisors.  Talking through your own challenges 

  • Helpful update/reminder on requirements for Fr doctors.  Learning about PSG.  General support 


The supervisors were asked to comment on what they found least useful: 


  • I’d suggest keeping it local focused on our trainees.  Quite a long discussion re: Peninsula’s place relative to others 


The supervisors were asked to comment on how the day could be improved: 


  • Less lecture time and more discussion 

  • Written summary to take away of expected leave/CPD they should attend 


Additional comments 


  • Found this a really useful morning.  Thank you!  Previous event had hospital supervisors it was good to have GP Focus as so much more relevant for me. 

  • I thought it was all helpful! 

  • Excellent thanks very much 

  • Excellent 

  • Happy with the format – Thanks!  


Summary and recommendations  

Of the 21 GP Supervisors who attended the development event and completed the evaluation form 90% rated the course content as very good or excellent. 95% of those who responded rated the course style as very good or excellent.  These are slightly lower scores to those from the similar event held in Cornwall however the number of responses received was significantly higher than the 9 responses received for the Cornwall event.  

Of the supervisors that answered the questions 100% said they were now aware of the current developments affecting Foundation years.  

The evaluation confirms that the supervisors value the opportunity to meet each other face to face, network and share their experiences particularly when it comes to supporting trainees in difficulty.    

Ideas for future events  

  • Ensure that the event takes place every year and consider a 6 monthly less formal meeting 

  • Foundation School to look at feedback from Foundation Schools who have performed better than the Peninsula in GP placement feedback to chare best practice 

  • Consider involving colleagues from PSU in next event to discuss support available  

The evaluation indicates that this event was an effective way to meet the objectives of the Foundation School and to support the supervisors who are working with F2 doctors in General Practice. It also confirms there is a demand for similar development events in the future.  


Suzanne Maddock 

Foundation School Administrator 

February 2020