Assessment Tools

The Foundation Programme assesses F1 and F2 doctors through the use of Supervised Learning Events (SLEs) and through engagement with the e-portfolio, the Team Assessment of Behaviour (TAB) and a series of end of placement and end of year reports completed by clinical and educational supervisors:

> SLEs, Supervised Learning Events, are designed to identify strengths and areas for development, provide immediate feedback on performance and demonstrate engagement in the educational process. The following tools will be used for SLEs:

  • Mini-clinical evaluation exercise (mini-CEX), an observed clinical encounter between a patient and a trainee
  • Direct observation of procedural skills (DOPS), provides a checklist to give feedback to a trainee observed performing a practical procedure, e.g. suturing
  • Case based discussion (CBD), a structured discussion of a clinical case managed by the trainee through which feedback is given on clinical reasoning
  • Developing the clinical teacher, is designed to aid development of teaching skills and/or making a presentation.
    NB SLEs should not be completed by medical students

> TAB, Team Assessment of Behaviour, is used to assess professional behaviour of a trainee by a variety of healthcare colleagues.

> Core Procedure, is designed to ensure all practical skills required by the Curriculum have been achieved.

> Horus E-portfolio, engagement in the e-portfolio will be used to assess if a trainee has achieved the required Curriculum outcomes.

While these are national tools there are regional variations in their use. In the Peninsula Foundation School you are required to complete the following:

Supervised Learning Events (SLEs) Minimum number per year: F1 Minimum number per year: F2
CbD Case based discussion  6 (2 in each 4 month post)  6 (2 in each 4 month post)
Mini-CEX Mini-clinical evaluation exercise  6 if doing a DOPS or x 9 if no DOPS  6 if doing a DOPS or x 9 if no DOPS
DOPS Direct observation of procedural skills  3 if supplementing Mini-CEX  3 if supplementing Mini-CEX
Developing the clinical teacher 1 1
TAB Team assessment of behaviour 1 1
Core Procedures (formerly known as Procedural logbook) Complete 15  

Trainees are encouraged to complete the relevant number of SLEs and assessments per 4 month post.

Who can assess Foundation Doctors? Please see the National guidance.

TAB guide

A regular audit to validate submitted assessments is conducted by the Peninsula Foundation School at regular intervals throughout the year and we are grateful for assessor help with this process.

The link for all educational supervisors, trainees and administrative users to access Horus

Please also see Sign off section.

More detailed information on assessment tools is available on the UK Foundation Programme website.