Working Abroad

The Peninsula Foundation School was advised in February 2018 of the changes below

F2 Abroad in Australia / Changes to the Australian immigration laws: 

The Foundation School has been notified that it will unfortunately no longer be possible for Foundation doctors to undertake their F2 training in Australia (if they require a work visa).  This is due to new Australian immigration laws which begin soon. The new Temporary Skilled Shortage visa (TSS) will be replacing the current work visa (457) in March 2018.  Under the new TSS visa, overseas candidates must supply evidence of two years employment experience to be nominated under this visa category.  Foundation Year 2 candidates are not eligible for nomination under the TSS (having only completed one year of work as an F1) and therefore will not be in a position to accept employment in Australia at this point in their career. 

Individuals who hold Australian citizenship are advised to contact prospective employers or the Australian authorities to discuss this further if required.

If you are a Peninsula Medical School student who would like to complete F1 outside the UK you will need to get permission from the Medical School and approval from the Foundation School that the post itself is suitable and you must have Provisional GMC Registration in place before commencing your programme. You will need exceptional reasons as to why you cannot complete F1 in the UK. If you are completing F1 within the Peninsula Foundation School and would like to complete F2 outside the UK you will need to get permission from the Postgraduate Dean.

F1 trainees who commenced training in August 2017 will be sent an email in September 2017 regarding completing F2 abroad. A timeline for 2017/18 applications will be posted here in due course.

Please only apply to work abroad if you are seriously committed to completing F2 overseas. You have to secure the F2 post yourself and you will be asked to provide a significant amount of evidence. The post must be approved by the School to ensure that it provides you with an equivalent experience to F2 in the UK. For further information please access the policy and application form below:

Acquiring Foundation Competencies Outside the UK - Policy (updated September 2018)

Application for approval to undertake an F2 post outside the UK (updated September 2018)