Peninsula Foundation School Committee Terms of Reference


The membership of the Committee is in line with the recommendations of the Reference Guide and comprises: 

Chair, Head of Foundation School, Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education
Foundation School Manager, Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education
4th Year Student, PMS,
F1 trainee
F2 trainee
Representation from Peninsula Medical School
Trust F1 Programme Director, RD&E
Trust F2 Programme Director, RD&E
Foundation Programme Directors, PHT
Foundation F2 Lead, SDHCT
Foundation F1 Lead, SDHCT
Trust Programme Director, NDHCT
Trust F1 Programme Director, RCHT
Trust F2 Programme Director, RCHT
Associate GP Dean, Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education
Lay representative

Where Trusts have more than one Foundation Programme Director/Lead, it is appropriate that either one person represents all Directors/Leads or one or more Director/Lead attends according to the Trust’s own organisational structure for managing the Foundation Programme. If there are issues to be voted on, then the Trusts will have the equivalent of one vote per Programme (i.e. approximately 30 trainees).

While not official members of the Committee, there are other members of Trust’s Education Teams (centre managers, foundation programme managers, education  leads, co-ordinators and administrators) who make an important contribution to the running of the Programmes within the School. At the invitation of the relevant Trust Director/Lead, these people are welcome to join the meetings as appropriate but would not have voting rights.


Under the auspices of the Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education to:

  • Develop and support the framework of the Reference Guide within which Foundation Schools are delivered
  • Provide the framework of the Reference Guide for doctors who undertake F1 and F2 appointments as well as those who undertake two-year Foundation Programmes


To recruit to foundation training in accordance with Foundation School/ National recruitment processes.

Ensure that fair systems are in place for the allocation of entrants to the School’s Foundation Programmes.

Communicate with the programmes within the School to ensure that information about Foundation Training Programmes is received regularly and in a timely fashion.

Ensure that there are shared and robust quality control processes to support GMC quality assurance requirements.

Oversee the quality of the teaching and learning experience, and the assessment of Foundation trainees.

To enable training and education to progress smoothly for the trainees.

Develop and manage appeals systems on issues such as recruitment and assessment.

Consider and recommend posts for educational approval.

Ratify and monitor the education design, content and delivery of Foundation programmes across the Peninsula.

Develop, implement and review the processes and protocols necessary to deliver and monitor foundation training. 

Inform regularly the Deans Education Group about issues relating to the Foundation School and foundation programmes.

To action directives from the GMC and Department of Health relating to Foundation training.

To receive reports from committees and groups, including students and trainees, which are relevant to Foundation programmes and consider their implications for the local programmes.

The Committee is accountable to the Postgraduate Dean through the Head of Foundation School

Frequency of Meetings

Not less than four times per year.