Foundation Representatives to the Peninsula Foundation School Committee 2018/19

The Foundation trainee representatives for 2018/19 are listed below:

F1 Alok Bahl
F1 Matthew Arnaouti

F2 Alex Parr
F2 William Gewanter

Information about the role of Trainee Representative.

Term of office:

1.  Elected Foundation Trainees will serve on the Foundation School Committee for a period of 12 months.

2.  Two months’ notice will be required to stand down as a member of the Committee.

Roles & Responsibilities:

1.  To attend Foundation School Committee meetings and disseminate relevant information to foundation trainees in the Peninsula.

2.  To participate in other educational meetings as they arise.

3.  To consult with and represent the interests of fellow foundation trainees in the Peninsula.

The two successful F1 candidates for 2018/19 statements are below: 

Alok Bahl F1 in Torbay

Having been born in India, brought up in Dorset and studied medicine in an international university in Hungary, I feel I have gained a valuable amount of experience in effectively communicating and understanding the needs of a wide demographic of the population.
Combine that with being approachable, patient, motivated, organised and having a drive to help, I feel that I can narrate our ideas, concerns and questions about the foundation programme curriculum/teaching/structure in an eloquent yet stern manner ensuring to have our voices heard and implement change if deemed necessary.

The initial plan would be for me to liaise with Natalie Band to include a reminder in the weekly bulletin especially prior to scheduled meetings.
The first and most simple point of contact would be via using our NHS email. The second point of contact would be achieved by allocating a box in each of the hospital mess’s for suggestions/concerns to be placed in and can be emptied weekly/fortnightly for those who would like to remain anonymous. This would ensure two ways to maintain contact and would mean no opinion would be missed or left undiscussed by the team.

Thank you for taking the time to read through my statement, congratulations on being an F1 doctor and good luck for the year ahead.


Matthew Arnaouti F1 in Plymouth

I am enthusiastic about engaging with fellow foundation trainees in the Peninsula deanery, and across the country, to help improve our training programmes in any way possible. It is important to see what different foundation schools do well and to try and implement these aspects across the different deaneries, all with the common goal of providing the highest quality of learning opportunities. I will be an open and welcoming member of the committee, as well as making myself easily contactable. This is so trainees feel comfortable communicating their opinions, and can be confident they are taken seriously. I will actively engage with trainees over concerns they have and make sure to follow up on how they’re being addressed, as well as helping to direct them to the correct channels regarding support. I shall attend all meetings that take place for the duration of the role, ensuring I have the most up to date information relating to the training programme. I will disseminate this information in the form of a regular newsletter, ensuring all members of the foundation programme are informed of progress made.
Previous committee positions held whilst at university, such as Vice President of the Trauma and Orthopaedic society and Sports Officer, have equipped me with organisational and interpersonal skills which will aid me in carrying out the tasks of this position. These, coupled with a commitment to education and an eagerness to make positive change, I hope, shall mean I’m equipped to represent the deanery and its members.